McKinley: favorite 5 fantasy/sci-fi?

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Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 20:10:27 PDT

hello! i recently started working at my local Walden Bookstore, and for the
month of october when you buy 4 sci-fi/fantasy books, you get the fifth free
- i have yet to take advantage of this offer, as i can't decide which 5 books
to get, and time is running out, so i was just wondering, what are y'all's 5
favorite fantasy/sci-fi novels of all time? (mine would be: 1. beauty, 2.
deerskin, 3. hero and the crown, 4. blue sword, 5. left hand of darkness [ok,
so i'm just a little prejudiced in robin's favor! but i already own all
those, so i need some new ideas)

black and silver cats to you,
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