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From: Shannon Terry <>
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 08:42:58 PDT

The Final Reflection is by John M. Ford. Don't be put off because it is a
Star Trek book- this one is set about 40 years before the first show. It is
a deeply moving book, war, peace, inner demons...

To Say Nothing of the Dog is by Connie Willis, who has won several awards.
Very funny, and sweet. I also recommend Bellweather, which isn't really
sci-fi or fantasy but is very funny. And her short story collection
Impossible Things.

For the other books, Lions of Al Rassan is by Guy Gavriel Kay, which is kind
of a fantasy parrallel to historical events in Spain. All of his books are
EXCELLENT and powerful. If you like alternative readings of the Aurthurian
legend, go for his Fionvar Tapestry trilogy. A satisfying resolution to the
love triangle for a romantic like me.

This Alien Shore is by C. S. Friedman. A little bit of Neal
Stepheson/William Gibson mixed with her own style. A great adventure story.
I don't really care for her other books, they are a tad too dark.

Beauty of course by Robin!

I've got millions of old favorites, The Enchanted Castle by E. Nesbit is a
great kid's book that I still love, and Shadow Castle by Marian Cockrell,
also a children's story. I second the motion for Terry Pratchett's books,
hilarious. Especially Good Omens with Neil Gaimen.
I could go on all day, I read everything... Thanks for everyone's
recommendations, I'm getting lots of new stuff from you!


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