Re: McKinley: favorite 5 fantasy/sci-fi?

From: Tawen Chang <>
Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 20:49:08 PDT

In no particular order, and excluding McKinley's books since I assume you
already own them,

Top five:
P.C. Hodgell, Godstalk (This first book of a series is out of print, but a
reprint version of the first two books in the series--Godstalk and Dark of
the Moon--was published by Meisha Merlin recently under the name Dark of
the Gods. Caveat: This series is not finished--and doesn't look likely to
be finished in the near future, if at all.)

Susan Cooper, The Dark is Rising (This is actually a series, but this, the
second of the series, is my favorite)

Patricia McKillip, The Riddlemaster Trilogy

Ursula LeGuin, The Earthsea Tetralogy (I know they came out with a
beautiful one-volume version of this within the last two years)

Meredith Ann Pierce, The Darkangel Trilogy (The Darkangel, A Gathering of
Gargoyles, The Pearl of the Soul of the World)
Next seven in no order (in case you already have any of the above or wanted
only stand-alones):

Barbara Cohen & Bahija Lovejoy, Seven Daughters and Seven Sons (This might
not be considered Sci-fi/fantasy though; it's a Iraqi folktale re-telling)

Garth Nix, Sabriel (Actually, it turns out this may become a series; the
second book is due out April 2001, but the main characters are not the same
as in the first book.)

Elizabeth Marie Pope, The Perilous Gard

Terri Windling, The Wood Wife

Pamela Dean, Tam Lin (But only if you don't mind lots and lots of literary

These last two might be out of print:

Nancy Springer, The Hex Witch of Seldom

Caroline Stevermer, A College of Magics

At 11:10 PM 10/17/00 -0400, you wrote:
>hello! i recently started working at my local Walden Bookstore, and for the
>month of october when you buy 4 sci-fi/fantasy books, you get the fifth free
>- i have yet to take advantage of this offer, as i can't decide which 5
>to get, and time is running out, so i was just wondering, what are y'all's 5
>favorite fantasy/sci-fi novels of all time? (mine would be: 1. beauty, 2.
>deerskin, 3. hero and the crown, 4. blue sword, 5. left hand of darkness
>so i'm just a little prejudiced in robin's favor! but i already own all
>those, so i need some new ideas)
>black and silver cats to you,
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