McKinley: damarian pronunciation

From: Cameron Lynn <>
Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 11:12:39 PST

sorry - i promise not to keep sending so many messages but recently reading
a new story of robin's and not being able to talk about it yet is very

over winter break i got to listen to an audio recording of _hero and the
crown_, but i don't think the recording company consulted with robin on the
proper pronunciation beforehand and it seemed to me that the narrator
pronounced just about every single name wrong -

the narrator said "day-mar" for Damar, not just "duhmar"

she said "looth-a" for Luthe, not "looth"

she said "mour"(as in "sour") for Maur, not "mar"
which way do you all pronounce these names...?
also, i think in the audio recording of her newbery award speech robin
pronounces Sol as "sahl," not "sole" - is that how you all think of it?

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