Re: McKinley: damarian pronunciation

From: Danielle <>
Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 17:35:05 PST

Luthe = looth; Maur = more; sol = soul; Aerin (because of the
pronunciation I've always been told to give "ae") = Air-in, with more
of an 'air' sound than 'Erin' has; am I the only one who thinks of
Damar as 'DAM-arr' (that's the closest I can get, anyway - 'dam' as in
a beaver's construction)? Malak = MAL(as in mallard or Sally or
malpractice)-ack (as in Bill the Cat, just shorter), though that does
sound a little silly...
In Tsornin, the 'T' is silent, right? Like Tsar, where there's an
implication of the t. There are so many names that I've thought of to
ask about... but it is certainly enough to agree that, yeah, everyone
just reads past names in whatever way they find obvious.
Danielle :)

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