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Date: Wed Mar 10 1999 - 07:32:50 PST

Felicitations and salutations, all! Midterms finally being over- well,
except for Latin (may the professor be doomed to read the first half of _Hero_
and then lose it!) I can finally respond. About pronounciation- that's a
really interesting question. I, personally, have always said:
Damar as DAM-arr,
Aerin as AY-rin (and if I ever have a daughter, that will be her name!),
malack as MAL-ack
Maur as more,
Luthe as looth (Ick! Looth-a? How'd you ever manage to listen to the tape?
No offense to anyone who might say it that way, but it never even occured to
me, and it just doesn't seem like a Luthe-ish pronounciation.)
Sol as soul
Sola as SOUL-ah

Well, since I know nothing about Hampshire or horses, and have given up
fantasy books for Lent (when does it end? Ack!) and therefore haven't gotten
_Silver Birch_ yet, I'll be signing off.

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