McKinley: Hampshire-Robin's home

From: Wanda F Vaughn <>
Date: Sat Feb 20 1999 - 19:40:36 PST

Sorry to have been long in replying. Hampshire, England is actually a
county. If you look at a map of England, it is south west of London by a
couple of hours. It is in the central part of the south coast of
England, if that makes any sense. It could be described as having fields
and watery meadows, lots of small streams and rivers. Great for trout
fishing. Perhaps some rolling hills. Portsmouth is a famous harbor
there. The Isle of Wight is south of Hampshire and is where Queen
Victoria spent most of her holidays and is actually where she died. I
hope that is helpful.
     Sounds like a nice place for an author to live! Wasn't it you,
Cameron, that asked about Hampshire?

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