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Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 11:38:47 PST

Cameron Lynn <> wrote:

> the narrator said "day-mar" for Damar, not just "duhmar"
"Damarian" is definitely 'duhMARian' for me. I think I may say 'DAYmar' more
than 'duhMAR', although I don't actually _talk_ about these much, so I'm not

> she said "looth-a" for Luthe, not "looth"

I've definitely always said 'looth'; without the final "e" it would be

> she said "mour"(as in "sour") for Maur, not "mar"

Sort of in between for me. I definitely try to give some respect to the "au",
and inject some sort of 'au' or 'ow' sound; not just 'mar'. But it's not the
full di-syllabic of "sour"/'SOW-er' either. 'mowr' or 'mawr', not 'MAO-er'.

> pronounces Sol as "sahl," not "sole" - is that how you all think of it?

I bet diffrent people on the list will have different readings of "sahl". The
"sol" in "Tor-sola" is 'sole'/'soul' for me; in "Aerin-sol" the vowel is more
that of 'cot'. 'o' with a dieresis, perhaps.

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