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Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 08:46:42 PDT

oops! somehow my last email was prematurely sent before i finished writing
it! i'll try to remember what i was in the middle of saying...

i think i was talking about email lists for other authors like elizabeth
moon, peter s. beagle, or any of the other authors we talk about a lot on
this list - do you all know of any fan mailing lists for other popular
fantasy/sci-fi authors besides robin?

speaking of seeing a photo of robin for the first time, as somebody else
recently mentioned, the first time i saw a picture of robin i immediately
thought of that line from the end of _beauty_ where beauty's looking into the
mirror and describing herself as having "that quirk of the brows that says
the eyes didn't quite believe what they saw"(or something to that effect).
robin herself has that same skeptical, clear-sighted "quirk of the brows" :)
(this was the photo in one of those "about the author" type books taken when
she was younger).

finally, and this has more to do with peter than with robin, but can anyone
recommend some good books about "pre-history," besides _the clan of the cave
bear_? peter seems obsessed with this type of story, or at least that's the
impression i get from _a bone from a dry sea_ and _eva_ and his new series,
"the kin." i saw a book called _reindeer moon_ by elizabeth marshall thomas
that looked kind of good - has anyone read it?

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