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Date: Tue Aug 03 1999 - 18:05:38 PDT

Just thought I'd throw my two cents in here...

I love the Discworld books that I've read, and am seeking out more - I
recommend them to anyone with an oddball sense of humour who doesn't
take their fantasy too seriously.

I tried getting into Terry Brooks Landover series (Magic Kingdom for
Sale - Sold!) but it wouldn't stick... I had just finished most of
Robert Asprin's Myth series ("Another Fine Myth" "Myth Conceptions" etc,
etc, more wonderful puns ensue) Now there's another humorous fantasy
series I really recommend! I found it more fun than the Landover books,
and certainly more addictive.

Let's see. . . I just finished off Tanith Lee's third (last? probably)
in her unicorn series (Black Unicorn, Gold Unicorn, Red Unicorn). Has
this come up before? Did _I_ bring it up before? This deja vu is awful.
But, regardless, I recommend those as well, they really have great
layers of philsophy that leave you soul-stirred after finishing them.

Incidentally, I had no idea how many books Patricia Wrede had published!
... Maybe this is because my local libraries don't favour _her_ very

Well, I'd best cut myself off here before I catalogue my personal
library for you all.


She did observe, with some dismay, that, far from conquering all,
love lazily sidestepped practical problems.
		--Jean Stafford
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