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It's not really a pre-historic history . . . kinda, but not really. Sherryl
Jordan's _A Time of Darkness_. Actually, I just love her books period!

And Shan, I really liked the piece you sent the picture of. : ) Kinda wish
I could see it up closer.

Tamora Pierce is pretty good . . . she's got neat characters. She's not a
favorite of mine, but very enjoyable reading. : )

As for Jordan and his dead horse . . . well, the horse had decomposed by
now. : P

I haven't read Card's Enchantment . . . though I've read some of his other
work, which is consistently deep and very thoughtful. Well, except for
Hart's Hope, which I loathed. Though it's really science fiction, anyone
who hasn't read Ender's Game yet needs to read it!! And the Worthing Saga.
No one is quite like Card about putting in philosopy where you'd expect it
the least!

I read Martin's Game of Thrones. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??? This is why I've
learned to prefer already finished series . . . : P I like that Martin has
no compunctions with killing a character . . . neither does Kay. It's sad
and I get mad that the person had to die, sometimes, but it's always
warranted and just the right thing to happen. In a wrong and depressing
kinda way. Am I making any sense?

Who's buying a lute?? And how'd you learn to play it???

Kay is an artist with suspense. I remember going nearly insane because
Dianora would be just in the middle of something and then I'd have to make
it through three chapters of other characters to get back to see what had
happened to her. And I could skip any of those chapters, but what was
happening elsewhere was just as exciting!! Has anyone started his new
series, the Sarentine Mosaic? First book: Sailing to Sarantium.

I read Sabriel recently. It was really a lovely book . . . and I noticed
the parallels too. : ) Speaking of Australians, has anyone read the
Discovery of Dragons by Graeme Base? He's the same guy who did Animalia and
the Eleventh Hour. Lovely pictures and just some of the cutest text. : )

To those of you who remembered Marjorie Kellogg, THANK YOU!!!! : )

It's those characteristic styles that I like best about authors . . . which
is most likely to stick a discussion of relative philosophy in his novels,
which is likely to have a strong female character in hers, which is likely
to leave you dangling for three chapters as he develops plot somewhere else.
  : ) And then, sometimes they surprise you, pleasantly, like Aerin and
Luthe did. It's like having a conversation with a good friend . . . you
know what kind of things she's thinking, you've known her for so long, but
her conversation is still the most enjoyable to you. : )

I think I covered most of everything! Oh, wait, Tanith Lee. While I liked
Black Unicorn (ALOT!), the other two I could have done without. I didn't
even read Gold Unicorn because I found Red Unicorn so . . . . wrong. Maybe
it was her choice of plot . . . anyways. : )

And now that I've contributed my three bucks in pennies . . .

--eli : )

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