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i know this is off-topic, but i know someone else on this list likes p.c.
hodgell too.... l emailed Meisha Merlin since I read on The Kencyr Page
that they were going to re-issue her series. It seems that they haven't
decided yet, though they are talking about doing that and publishing the
next book. They say they'll have the decision within the month and
hopefully will keep me posted. Ug. I want that book _now_. (maybe more
people should email them.) Also, kind of related to this: is it cheaper to
publish on-line? (I am thinking about hodgell and her problem with finding
a publisher, which confuses me because if i am ever a publisher (very
unlikely), her series is probably the first i'll try to pick up.) i know
it's probably harder to keep track of copyright online, but isn't there
some sort of technical way that it can be managed? (i know i have come
across someone publishing on-line somewhere on the web.)

anyway, on other topics: i liked Michelle Sagara/West's Sundered series
too, though i still like the new books better. For one thing, they are
fatter. (She's the only author I know who can finish an 800-page book a
year AND have them be consistently excellent. This might be because I in
general don't read too much epic fantasy though.) For the other, I like
Jewel better than Erin, though I can't really explain why. (I mean, I
probably could, but it'll take another 2 pages.... =p )

Mckillip's awesome, like other people said. I think I am on the same
McKillip mailing list that Katie's talking about. Although I generally
only lurk on that list, so it doesn't really count. I actually like the
_Cygnet_ series, although I know a lot of other people who didn't. I keep
feeling that the series is not finished though.

I like _College of Magics_ too. I wondered what happened to Stevermer
(sp?) There are only two/three other books by her that I know of.

Finally, has anyone mentioned Meredith Pierce's _Darkangel_ series? I read
in an interview with her that the series is not finished, even though the
last book came out a while ago. Something else for me to look forward
to.... =)


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