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Thanks for that advice, I'm surprised doesn't combine the books
they have available into all their pages, perhaps it has something to do
with international trade laws? Anyway, after calculating the pound to dollar
figures, I'll either have to wait for his books to be reprinted in the US or
wait 'till I can spend a large chunk of cash...
 Sorry to get so off topic everyone!
 How about this: did anyone else besides me feel that Disney's version of
Beauty and the Beast took a few things from Robin's? She's an avid reader,
the servants were turned into people, etc.
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> "ShanChan" <> wrote:
> > Any Terry Pratchett fans out there? I'm trying to build my collection
> > being introduced to his Discworld books by an Aussie friend, but they
> > (or were, they seem to be reprinting them now, thank God!) extremely
hard to
> > find. Very funny, anti-political but in a good way.
> The later ones tend to be in print. I had thought all of them were, but
> Amazon tells me otherwise. But if you wish a nearly complete collection,
> route to the completion of your quest would be to hie thyself to,
> for the whole corpus of Terry Pratchett is in print in the Island Kingdom,
> purchasing many books at once will make the charges of transportation
> lighter to bear, unless they are so cruel as to charge per book.
> -xx- Damien X-)
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