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<<And I agree that Robert Jordan's female characters are ALL neurotic.
One of my friends insist that they are only strong-willed, and I told
her that there's a difference between being strong-willed and being
idiotic. All Jordan's female characters belong to the latter category.
(Maybe this is no longer true as I haven't read Jordan since I gave up
on the Wheel of Time series after the 5th? book.)>>

Ha. If only . . . no, rather, they seem to have gotten worse. : ) Hard to
imagine, eh?

I find myself agreeing with Betty on a lot of her recommendations . . .
Terry Brook's Landover series is very funny. : ) Some people find him a
bit repetitive . . though that complaint is usually for the Shannara series
for which he is most famous. And Melanie Rawn's stuff is good . . . though
I must say I didn't really like Pol towards the end of her second
Flamerunner series. ('least, I think that's the one it was.) Peter S.
Beagle is another really awesome writer . . . I read an interview with him
in a magazine (Marion Zimmer Bradley's?) that he was a mentor of sorts to
Robin. Which makes sense, coz they're both really unique (IMHO) as far as
fantasy goes. Robin Hobb is excellent . . . someone mentioned her. Who
else is there? Guy Gavriel Kay, Patricia C. Wrede, Tad Williams (though his
books, except for Tailchaser's Song, are huge and all part of several
series), Elizabeth Moon (who was recommended to me by Robin in an ancient
letter, incidentally), Dianna Wynne Jones (we've discussed her before),
Sheryl Jordan (another children's author), Orson Scott Card (sci-fi but he's
sooooo good at it!) . . . gosh I could go on for hours. I imagine though,
that most of you already know who I'm talking about . . . it seems that
Robin fans have similar tastes in fiction. : )

Goodness, I'm feeling talkative. Thank you for the info on the Robin video,
Amessygurl. Incidentally, you actually popped up in my dream last night . .
. not that I have any clue what you look like, but your name did appear. :

--eli, who needs to get off her computer before she starts spilling her life
story over email ; )

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