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once he was no longer a kid. Spoilers ahead, for anyone who wants to read
Melanie Rawn: It also REALLY frustrated me when Tallain died, because I
loved him with Sionell. I was so relieved that Sionell wasn't with Pol by
the end of the book. I guess, though, it's kind of a testament to the
fascination of her novels that I stay with them even when the main character
irritates me. I focused on side characters, like that cool female character
who masqueraded as a boy. Have you read her recent series. If you have,
I'd just like to say that I find Cailet as irritating as Pol, and read the
books for Sarra, etc. I can't believe Collan died!!! I was so afraid he
Please discuss, off the list if it's too off-topic.
   Ok, spoilers over. I agree with several of the recommendations (a lot of
the authors I haven't read yet). William's series including the book "Green
Angel Tower" is well worth the huge size of the books. I found it very
beautiful, although I found that the last in the series surpassed the first
two. Beagle is great, too- The Last Unicorn, or A Fine and Private Place.
Patricia C. Wrede is one I've always loved, although I have to say that my
enjoyment of her books has lessened since I got older. But maybe her books
have just not been as good recently. Of hers, I would recommend Snow White
and Rose Red, which is a beautiful retelling of that tale (in the same
series as the Tam Lin book by Pamela Dean), Sorcery & Cecilia, and her
Dragons series, which includes "Calling Dragons" (I think that's the title).
  Anyway, Eli, if you like good sci fi, I recommend CJ Cherryh, her space
books (Rimrunners, Heavytime, Tripoint, etc.) are really exciting.

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><<And I agree that Robert Jordan's female characters are ALL neurotic.
>One of my friends insist that they are only strong-willed, and I told
>her that there's a difference between being strong-willed and being
>idiotic. All Jordan's female characters belong to the latter category.
>(Maybe this is no longer true as I haven't read Jordan since I gave up
>on the Wheel of Time series after the 5th? book.)>>
>Ha. If only . . . no, rather, they seem to have gotten worse. : ) Hard
>imagine, eh?
>I find myself agreeing with Betty on a lot of her recommendations . . .
>Terry Brook's Landover series is very funny. : ) Some people find him a
>bit repetitive . . though that complaint is usually for the Shannara series
>for which he is most famous. And Melanie Rawn's stuff is good . . . though
>I must say I didn't really like Pol towards the end of her second
>Flamerunner series. ('least, I think that's the one it was.) Peter S.
>Beagle is another really awesome writer . . . I read an interview with him
>in a magazine (Marion Zimmer Bradley's?) that he was a mentor of sorts to
>Robin. Which makes sense, coz they're both really unique (IMHO) as far as
>fantasy goes. Robin Hobb is excellent . . . someone mentioned her. Who
>else is there? Guy Gavriel Kay, Patricia C. Wrede, Tad Williams (though
>books, except for Tailchaser's Song, are huge and all part of several
>series), Elizabeth Moon (who was recommended to me by Robin in an ancient
>letter, incidentally), Dianna Wynne Jones (we've discussed her before),
>Sheryl Jordan (another children's author), Orson Scott Card (sci-fi but
>sooooo good at it!) . . . gosh I could go on for hours. I imagine though,
>that most of you already know who I'm talking about . . . it seems that
>Robin fans have similar tastes in fiction. : )
>Goodness, I'm feeling talkative. Thank you for the info on the Robin
>Amessygurl. Incidentally, you actually popped up in my dream last night .
>. not that I have any clue what you look like, but your name did appear. :
>--eli, who needs to get off her computer before she starts spilling her
>story over email ; )
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