McKinley: mystery novels

From: Cameron Lynn <>
Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 09:52:08 PST

ok, this does have remotely to do with robin considering her husband writes
mystery novels and also since robin has said she would someday like to try
writing a mystery novel herself...

i haven't read many mystery novels before, but i just found some by ellis
peters called "the brother cadfael chronicles"(set in the 12th century)
that look pretty interesting - has anyone read them?
does anyone know any other good mystery novels set in the middle
ages/medieval times?
what about mystery novels featuring monk/nun detectives(medieval or modern
- besides father brown and father dowling)?
what about golden age/cozy(agatha christie/novel of manners types) but by
modern writers?
what kind of mysteries does phillis whitney write? patricia cornwall? other
popular female authors?

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