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<< But then Harry's family would bear it too, and they don't. So never mind.
 Still, it was funny at a logical level. "She has kelar, she's human, she
 must be one of us, even if a blonde Homelander." "Actually, no..." >>

Actually, Harry got it from her Grandma, so the only other person who might
have it is her mother of father (whomever the grandmother was the mother of.)
Since Harry's parents are dead, the only relative we know about is her
brother. I believe he probably has some Kelar too, only maybe genetics gave
more of it to Harry, OR maybe women traditionally HAD more Kelar. After all,
Harry, Aerin, Aerin's mom....need I go on? Aerin destroyed her nemesis, Which
means she was more powerful, and Luthe confessed he was not powerful enough.
That's an interesting thought. I just now came up with it. What do you think?

It says in Blue Sword, "Luthe knows, he has the old kelar, and who his parents
are, even he has forgotten."
So...there you are. Luthe definitely HAD Kelar.

I always took it that the Kelar blood was thinned to near extinction due to
the breeding of people with Kelar to those without it. If Harry's grandmother
came from the same hills as Luthe, perhaps her Kelar was even STRONGER than
Corlaith's, she just didn't know how to use it!
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