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Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 13:56:38 PST

You might try Dorothy Gilman; her Mrs. Polifax books (The Unexpected
Mrs. Polifax, etc.) are about a former housewife who feels useless and
bored, so she goes and joins the CIA! She's a very proper old lady...
 I don't know if this is remotely what you'd like, but the few that
I've read of the series were good. Dorothy Gilman also wrote one of
my favorite books... Caravan. Kinda crazy, but I love it. It
actually is set in that Golden Age you were talking about, but it's
not a fullblown mystery novel... although there are some elements of
mystery to it... ;)
I've never read the Brother Cadfael series, but I saw two of the PBS
movies from the books, and they were great. The Virgin in the Ice, or
something like that? was one. It was kind of sad, actually, but the
story was good. (I'm just a wimp, I guess... I cry at sad movies,
even when they're on tv.) Talking about medieval religious sorts of
books has reminded me of The Hound and the Falcon, actually... a great
fantasy trilogy by Judith Tarr. The first one is The Isle of Glass.
Not straight mystery, but very good stuff.
That's all I can think of... :)

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