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Sorry, I've never read any medieval mysteries, although I have watched Brother Cadfael on TV. It was pretty good. I think it's actually on Masterpiece Theater, which means it's not on regularly but as someone else said, you can probably rent the videos or get them from the library. For what it's worth, my mom did read the books, and she liked them.
As for other woman writers: the only mystery series I've read all the books in is Elizabeth Peters' (no relation to Ellis) Amelia Peabody series. Amelia is the wife of a late nineteenth-early twentieth cent. archeologist, and she often shocks people by wearing pants and beating criminals with her parasol. Most of the books are set in Egypt.
Also, there's A.S. Byatt, who I think writes some mysteries. Anyway, Peter once said he was utterly thrilled when she said on the radio that she assumed "Peter Dickinson" was a pseudonym for a woman because he had portrayed the female main character in one of his books so well:)



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