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Fan Sites

  • Vernor Vinge -- 16 February 2007
  • Steven Brust -- 10 Feb 2006
  • Robin McKinley
  • Juuni Kokki or Twelve Kingdoms -- 13 Dec 2006
  • Ken MacLeod page -- 28 Aug 2006
  • Nurk's Doorway -- Third Page of the Kencyrath
  • Jane Jacobs page
  • Girl Genius
  • Buffy board game page -- 26 Feb 2006
  • Steeleye Span

    Reviews, essays, stories

  • Socialized medicine DOES work -- a cross-country comparison.
  • The Little Fractioner -- basic help with fractions.
  • The Human Completeness Theorem
  • Fast, cheap, or healthy food: pick three
  • My synthesis of diet advice and politics
  • My own attempts at 'Ma Mignonne' poems, a la Le Ton Beau de Marot.
  • Which Singularity don't you want? A look at the various usages of the word.
  • Scottish SF as a materialist revel.
  • Book reviews
  • Retcon of broken Pak biology in Niven's Known Space.
  • How my libertarianism lost its mojo.
  • Religion in a nutshell
  • my little myth of the evolution of sex
  • Random thoughts on Moby Dick.
  • A little essay of mine: Trade in Middle Earth.

    Other people's stuff, hosted here

  • Archives of the Alternative Institutions list (Robin Hanson's idea)
  • Polymath list
  • dR/dt -- Carl Feynman's case for increasing rationality


  • Books, comics, music, etc that I like.
  • Filtered links -- politics, philosophy, art, transhumanism
  • My IU page
  • My taste in webcomics
  • Booklog -- list of books read since Feb 2004.
  • My Livejournal.
  • blogs
  • Cerebral drift -- random poemlets
  • I made a page of proverbs I like. Not that I guarantee consistently living by them.
  • My quotes collection, selected by fortune.
  • Music interest: filk, the folk music of SF fandom.
  • Partial autobiography including past schools.
  • Friends with web pages
  • Old web page. Data archaeology starts today!

    Random links

  • Web archiving trick
  • Spectre -- Caltech's science fiction library. I'm the ex-Librarian Bound in Pale Leather.

    Known links here
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