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Created 14 April 2001
Modified 28 August 2006
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The Fall Revolution

  1. The Star Fraction
  2. The Stone Canal
  3. The Cassini Division
  4. The Sky Road

Engines of Light

  1. Cosmonaut Keep
  2. Dark Light
  3. Engine City


  • "Science Fiction after the Future Went Away"
  • His own weblog.


  • Politics is a Minority Interest
  • Salon
  • Locus
  • Zone SF
  • Reason
  • Computer Crow's Nest
  • Crow's Nest again -- old interview of Iain Banks and Ken MacLeod, together.
  • SF Revu

    Other fan sites

  • The Ken MacLeod Fraction
  • Fantastic Fiction bibliography
  • Mac Tonnies


  • Infinity Plus: The Stone Canal
  • Infinity Plus: The Cassini Division
  • Infinity Plus: Cosmonaut Keep
  • Infinity Plus: Dark Light
  • Infinity Plus: The Human Front
  • John Kenny
  • on The Stone Canal
  • My musings on his politics.

  • Sean O'Hara on The Stone Canal: "Proof that who you have sex with in college can change the course of history."