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Created 7 Sep 2003
Modified 27 Nov 2020

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Sunshine by Robin McKinley -- an excellent vampire novel, somewhat in the Buffy/Angel style of vamps and universe.
Agyar by Steven Brust -- another good novel.
A page devoted to collecting information about Milton Bradley's Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game. As far as I know it's out of print, so go to eBay. (Although I'm told it's also at stores like "KB Toys".)

"I think games often *sound* complicated, but aren't really. Imagine trying to describe Monopoly to somebody who had no clue what you were talking about. You could say, "Well, you move around the board and buy stuff, then you make the other players go bankrupt." Well, with Buffy, you move around the board and pick up stuff to help you fight the bad (or good) guys, then you kill them." -- (post had no name, just an e-mail)

  • Boardgamegeek page.
  • The Old FAQ
  • Q: Is the game interesting to people who aren't fans of the show?
    A: Yes. A large corpus of Usenet testimony, and the experience of my own roommate, testify to the game being interesting both to gamer non-fans and to fans who aren't usual gamers. Also note that there are two Buffy games, the other one being British, and the word on that seems to be as negative as the opinions on the US version are positive. So fans can tell when some spinoff sucks, despite being fans.
  • Q: What about the German edition of the game?
    A: As can be seen here it is NOT the same as the US edition, and I've been told that while superficially similar (four scenarios, good vs. evil) the gameplay is bad, and that the French edition is the same.
  • My Supplemental FAQ
  • My rules variants
  • My Faith and Angelus Scenario
  • Jeff Dee's Glorificus scenario
  • A season 6 scenario (Geenius at Wrok)
  • Followup from Geenius.
  • Another suggestion in the above thread, for Dark Willow, where she uses a spell list instead of cards.
  • Multi-evil suggestion (Steven Sharp).
  • Angelus scenario at the bottom of a diverse post by Steven Sharp.
  • Followup, plus comments and suggestions about Dee's Glorificus scenario.
  • Waysideentertainment's list of 25 different scenarios.

    Dead links, maybe in a cache or archive.org?:

  • Another season 5 scenario. I suspect Dee's is better, but this one brings in Doc, and Glory's brainsucking.
  • Optional rules, new characters and a "Hush" scenario.

    My games

  • Summaries of some old games with a roommate, in the unlikely event anyone cares. game 1, game 2, game 3.
    "Like a plague of boils, the race of Buffy fans covered the earth. And each one mixed their passion with the blood of another, to make more of their kind." -- me