Steeleye Span Info Page

1 March 2005

A better page

Steeleye Span is/was an English band. "Medieval rock" is one way of describing them, particularly their older music. "Fusion" seems to be another good name. The heart of what they started with was semi-modernized English ballads. Their newer stuff draws from even more sources though, including gypsy violins and Jamaican music. Membership of the band has changed; the top two have been (I think) Maddy Prior (only woman and top vocalist) and Tim Hart. The two of them by themselves put out the album "Summer Solstice". Maddy Prior has also done other albums with June Tabor (Silly Sisters). Andy Graves has told me that the band was started in the early '70s by Ashley Hutchings.

Album names: Commoner's Crown, Storm Force 10, Parcel of Rogues, Please to See the King, Now We Are Six, Hark the Village Wait, All Around My Hat, Ten Man Mop, Below the Salt, Rocket Cottage, Sails of Silver, Back in Line, Tempted and Tried; plus Tonight's the Night -- Live! and a Portfolio I haven't heard. I've heard there's a "Live at Last" with a track called "Montrose"; I've never seen this myself. Recently they've come out with an album called Time.

Some people have sent me histories of the band; here they are.

Here's a discography I got from Brady Flowers. It's not html-formatted, so may look ugly like many text files do.

Here's the lyrics for "Dawn of the Day" from Tonight's the Night -- Live!. And "The Blacksmith" from multiple albums. I don't have other full lyrics, so don't ask. I still can't make out 100% of the lyrics on most of their songs, although I can get most.