McKinley: more about vonda's robin site

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Date: Tue Jul 13 1999 - 18:41:46 PDT

sorry, after i sent my last message i remembered i had all kinds of questions
about vonda's robin site:

robin mentions lots of authors/novels i'm completely ignorant about - can you
all tell me anything about the following?:

eleanor farjeon
dianna wynne jones
_beau geste_
_the four feathers_
peake's _gormenghast_
h. rider haggard's _alan quatermain_ series

and where can i find a copy of peter dickison's(robin's husband's) essay "in
praise of rubbish"!?!:)

finally, i was so happy to see that alice hoffman is one of robin's favorite
authors, too! (alice is my own second favorite writer after robin)
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