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From: Eli Grantaire <>
Date: Tue Jul 13 1999 - 21:51:07 PDT

Where is Vonda's Robin site? I only recognize two of the authors on that
list . . Eleanor Farjeon and Dianna Wynne Jones. Farjeon wrote a
Cinderella retelling called The Glass Slipper which I adore . . . it's very
very cute! And almost lyrical, with a lot of rhythym and rhyme in the
prose. Farjeon is a noted children's author, though I have not read
anything by her except The Glass Slipper. Dianna Wynne Jones is absolutely
awesome! I was actually introduced to her work after reading that Robin
McKinley liked her books. She's written Dogsbody, Howl's Moving Castle,
Castle in the Air, Archer's Goon, A Sudden Wild Magic, Charmed Life, the
Dalemark Quartet, and Eight Days of Luke, just to name a few. All of her
books are excellent. She too is a children's author with the exception of A
Sudden, Wild Magic, written for adults. One of her most notable
characteristics is her tendency to weave an almost chaotic plotline that is
all neatly resolved at the end. She's funny, sweet, and has the most
wonderful way of putting everything in a totally different perspective.
She's the kind of author that I read over and over and over again . . .
until I nearly have the book memorized. : )


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