McKinley: vonda mcintyre's robin site!!!

From: <>
Date: Tue Jul 13 1999 - 18:34:37 PDT

i just noticed that damien's robin page has a link to vonda's robin page -
did you all see that robin's writing a retelling of "sleeping
beauty"?!?:):):) sorry if this has all been mentioned before - i'm not sure
my email's been working all the time and my computer won't let me see
damien's mailing list archives, either - but for anyone else who hasn't seen
vonda's robin page, there's a great interview of robin as well as a FAQ where
robin talks in depth about her writing, and an essay which is a longer
version of her author's note in _rose daughter_ -- and there's even a way to
email robin personally!!! have any of you all tried to yet?
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