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I can tell you where you can find some of these works. After looking at
Robin's website I was able to find Beau Geste and several of H. Rider
Haggard's Alan Quartermain series on Several editions of the
Gormenghast series are available as well. The first book in that series is
called Titus Groan. There are two movie versions of The Four Feathers, and
a book version. The movie from the early eighties starring Jane Seymour and
Beau Bridges is quite good. Any fan of Robin's should also see "The Man who
Would be King", starring Sean Connery. She based The Blue Sword on this
book/movie, as I'm sure most of you already know :). On her website she
also mentions Kipling's "Puck of Pook's Hill", which I was also able to
find on I just started reading it, and its great!


At 09:41 PM 7/13/99 EDT, you wrote:
>sorry, after i sent my last message i remembered i had all kinds of
>about vonda's robin site:
>robin mentions lots of authors/novels i'm completely ignorant about - can
>all tell me anything about the following?:
>eleanor farjeon
>dianna wynne jones
>_beau geste_
>_the four feathers_
>peake's _gormenghast_
>h. rider haggard's _alan quatermain_ series
>and where can i find a copy of peter dickison's(robin's husband's) essay "in
>praise of rubbish"!?!:)
>finally, i was so happy to see that alice hoffman is one of robin's favorite
>authors, too! (alice is my own second favorite writer after robin)
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