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From: Cameron Lynn <>
Date: Sat Mar 06 1999 - 12:08:25 PST

oops! when i suggested luthe might be staying away from humanity so as not
to unintentionally endanger/alarm them, i forgot to add my little parallel
of harry needing to stay aloof from people not because she was a "cold
fish" but because her kelar was too powerful for most people to handle(even
before she met the damarians knew it as "kelar") - so luthe's kelar/magery
by analogy would be all the more disconcerting to people, hence his

i also forgot to mention that in the king's palace in "marsh-magic" there's
a special room for the queen which is reminiscent of the room in corlath's
palace - i think the one where harry gazes into a pool and sees a vision or
two? - so i thought maybe king rustafalus' palace in "marsh-magic" was the
same as corlath's palace, only centuries earlier(and of course the two
kings didn't use the room for the same purpose since rustafalus used the
room to imprison his queen). i guess in "marsh-magic" the king's land
wasn't as hilly as in corlath's damar, but then, if the land could change
from forest to desert between aerin and harry, then i guess it could sprout
up a few hills between "marsh-magic" and _sword_...

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