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> more of it to Harry, OR maybe women traditionally HAD more Kelar. After all,
> Harry, Aerin, Aerin's mom....need I go on? Aerin destroyed her nemesis, Which
> means she was more powerful, and Luthe confessed he was not powerful enough.
> That's an interesting thought. I just now came up with it. What do you think?
Actually it was the bloodstone which destroyed Agsded, and we don't know how.
It could have been channeling Aerin. Or it could be a generic focus, and
focused the fire around Agsded to a level he couldn't handle. Or something

And Aerin's mom was a woman, and was not clearly more powerful than her

Luthe being weaker than Agsded doesn't mean anything.

> It says in Blue Sword, "Luthe knows, he has the old kelar, and who his parents
> are, even he has forgotten."
> So...there you are. Luthe definitely HAD Kelar.
Thanks; that's the one book I don't have. And the parents comment, if
accurate (when Corlath said it, not if your quote is accurate) I'd like to
think pushes for my extreme view of Luthe's age.

8000 year old male, 20 year old female. Interesting relationship.

> I always took it that the Kelar blood was thinned to near extinction due to
> the breeding of people with Kelar to those without it. If Harry's grandmother
> came from the same hills as Luthe, perhaps her Kelar was even STRONGER than
> Corlaith's, she just didn't know how to use it!

I thought it was generally thought Harry's gram was an escaped royal, i.e. a
great-aunt of Corlath's. Quite possibly stronger than Corlath, unless the
Gift flared in him. Which it may have; don't they say Corlath was stronger
than his immediate predecessors?

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