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By what he said about Maur I figure Luthe is at least 2000 years old, and
probably a good real older. I like to think 8000, but there's no evidence for

By what he said to Harry, he stays away from humanity because they're mentally
noisy and annoying. Apparently he gets to be really sensitive and can't
shield himself. The beauty of this is that it would explain Agsded's
isolation as well, much better than desire not to accidentally hurt mortals.

Of course, I also think Luthe is a fundamentally lazy son of a Northerner.

I think Luthe has kelar. Aerin has kelar, from her mother; Agsded had it;
they all had the same teacher; Luthe tried to teach Aerin how to use her
kelar. I'd hazard that marsh-magic isn't kelar, but is something else. Luthe
would say magic seemed to run in the blood of the Damarian royals only because
they had so little of it that it didn't need training.

> have kelar? i forget - do only those of royal blood have kelar? or does

Luthe explicitly denies that. The royals have kelar, the Northerners have
kelar, the royals are descended from the North.

Which made me think that maybe some of Harry's kelar didn't come from the
emigrant Damarian grandmother. After all, the three most powerful
kelar-bearers we know of have been two redheads and a blonde. It's _not_ a
Damarian thing, whatever Corlath thinks.

But then Harry's family would bear it too, and they don't. So never mind.
Still, it was funny at a logical level. "She has kelar, she's human, she
must be one of us, even if a blonde Homelander." "Actually, no..."

> 2. there's a desert mentioned "marsh-magic" - do those of you who've read
> the story think this is the damarian desert of harry's time? the story seems

Best to assume the story does not take place in Damar. It's a big world.

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