Re: AltInst: a "work spreading tax"

From: Tom Walker <>
Date: Sun May 31 1998 - 19:48:45 PDT

George L. O'Brien wrote,

>Tom Walker's discussion of the costing of "training" is interesting, but
>I remain rather skeptical. The studies I've read suggest that if anything,
>training costs are generally underestimated due to the poor tracking of
>curve costs. In a great number of situations, by the time the new hire
>fully productive, the person either leaves or gets transferred to a new job.
>This turns training costs into a probability problem. What is the
>likelyhood that
>this person will work long enough at full capacity at this job to repay the
>costs of the trainer, added supervision costs, the below optimal
>productivity, and higher defect rate of the employee prior to coming up to

It seems to me that the world of work is large enough for George's scenario
to apply in a great number of situations and mine to apply in a great number
of other situations. I've been looking at highly coveted jobs: unionized,
stable, high-wage jobs where current average seniority is 19+ years.
Presumably, those people have been there long enough to master several
learning curves.


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