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From: Tom Walker <>
Date: Tue May 26 1998 - 12:20:45 PDT

David Chapman has designed a proposal for a work spreading tax that would
create an incentive for employers to hire more people rather than work
existing employees longer hours. The most striking feature of the proposed
tax is that it only makes explicit a feature of current progressive income
taxation that employers appear to have overlooked. Chapman's proposal is at:

I would describe Chapman's proposal as the "mirror image" of my own proposal
for arbitraging free time. Chapman offers a public policy approach to
reinforce a feature of the progressive income tax that employers appear not
to have noticed. My proposal is for a market-driven response from employers
to price signals that they are currently ignoring. I believe the two
approaches are complementary.

I will be posting my proposal, including a link to Chapman's proposal, to
the timework web site:


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