McKinley: Re: wow I agree re the luthe thing

From: Clara Duong <>
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 02:08:04 PDT

At *last*, someone else who likes Blue Sword better than "Hero and the
Crown". Don't get me wrong, I thought Hero was great and I can see why
people like it better (more epic and legend-like), but I am also one of
those people who absolutely DETEST love triangles - especially when I'm
fond of the third angle - in this case, Tor. Did anyone else think that
Tor was such a wonderful, sweet, brave and loyal guy? Luthe was just kind
of out there. I preferred him in his role in Blue Sword where he was
mystical, all-knowing sage guy rather than Immortal Lover-guy.

I much prefered the Harry / Corlath love story. They both seemed so
incredibly human, with human flaws and weaknesses, but were very sweet
nonetheless. I always felt sorry for Tor, and I always felt frustrated
with the Aerin/Luthe dynamic. I too really hated the notion that in some
way Luthe was out there, immortal, just waiting for Tor to die and Aerin's
non-mortal bit was also just biding her time. As I recall, in Blue Sword,
Harry realises that "Tor the Just" couldn't have been as "boring" as he
sounded if he was able to hold the Northerners at bay etc.

Anyway, my .02c worth.


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