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From: Katherine Hartsough <>
Date: Sun Apr 09 2000 - 12:29:13 PDT

   I'll have to disagree with this. Disregarding the fact that I detest
Luthe, I believe that Tor would be utterly capable of understanding the
odder aspects of Aerin's life, even if he couldn't understand her promise to
Luthe (in my opinion, if he was ok with that, he's not the right guy for
her). I think that a lot of us make the mistake of not talking to loved
ones because we think they won't understand: perhaps we think that something
is beyond their intelligence level, or they just wouldn't care, or they
would simply disagree with our viewpoint. But if you ask me, it is usually
possible to explain things, feelings, ideas in such a way that most can
understand them, as long as they have enough feeling for you to make the
effort of understanding. They may still disagree with you, but that's ok.
So I believe that Aerin does Tor an injustice by turning her life into
compartments and shutting Tor out from some of them. He is definitely not
lacking in intelligence, sensitivity, or love, so I don't see why he should
fail when others succeed.
   I would rather Aerin had stayed with Luthe if she was going to sleep with
him and promise to come back later, than going back to Tor and giving him
less than he deserved of her self. I would have hated the book, but I would
have felt the action more just. But of course, most of all I wanted Aerin
to go back to Tor untainted by emotional ties that will always separate her
from him. If you ask me, looking at it objectively, Tor got the worst of
the deal. Ignorance may be bliss, but its not truth, and I think that Tor
will sense what is being kept hidden, if only in a vague way, because he is
very perceptive. Luthe may have to wait, but he's been around for years,
and he'll have the satisfaction of being the first and last lover. Aerin
gets both, and I don't think she'll ever realize that this arrangement
actually diminished her happiness (because I believe that it must have).
>At the risk of being booed, I have to say I understood the Luthe thing.
>had lived with Aerin all his life and still did not completely understand
>her. I mean he loved her anyway but he did not understand her or her
>or whatever you want to call it. Luthe had the help and understanding she
>needed. He was more like her. He loved everything about her and accepted
>whatever she became. Although Tor loved her, he could not be a part of or
>understand a lot of her existence.


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