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At the risk of being booed, I have to say I understood the Luthe thing. Tor
had lived with Aerin all his life and still did not completely understand
her. I mean he loved her anyway but he did not understand her or her destiny
or whatever you want to call it. Luthe had the help and understanding she
needed. He was more like her. He loved everything about her and accepted
whatever she became. Although Tor loved her, he could not be a part of or
understand a lot of her existence.
And I need to reread it but did Tor and Aerin already have an understanding
at that time? I can't remember. I did not think she should have slept with
him (Luthe) unless she was gonna stay with him, however, forever is a long
time to mourn a husband. She chose to stay with Tor as long as possible
because she loved him and her people. But it seemed that going back to Luthe
after they all were dead is a bit like going to live on Mt.Olympus with the
gods. Not an after life but a real existence. A time out of time. And I
mean what would there be left to be loyal to? And when she appeared to
Harry wasn't that when she saw the girl in the vision? So didn't that
actually happen during her time with Luthe? Am I remembering wrong. I
really need to reread.
Well that is my 2 cents worth. I am mostly a lurker, only come out once in a
while. Hope nobody cusses me for my opinion.
BTW, I just love this list.

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