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From: Katherine Hartsough <kthartsough@hotmail.com>
Date: Sat Apr 08 2000 - 00:33:54 PDT

  Since there's been some mention of Luthe, I thought I'd vent my feelings
about this particular character, so I can finally get it off my chest. I
can't stand him! I remember thinking that it was the ultimate betrayal for
Aerin to be lovers with him, planning to return at some date in the misty
future. My sentiments were always with Tor, who was sensitive, kind, and
rather wry. When Luthe came along, it was like in movies where I know what
is going to happen but dread it, because it is so wrong. If I didn't hate
him for semi-ruining the story, I would simply consider him a boring
side-character in terms of both looks and personality. And the whole fiasco
in regards to the water was really annoying: oh, whoops! In spite of being
such a great wizard (though we have little evidence of this, despite all the
trappings), I made a leeetle miscalculation, and you're no longer quite
mortal. So you'll probably live longer than most mortals, which
conveniently means that you can ditch that mortal guy of yours once he gets
old and dies (or why wait until then, you could always slip off mysteriously
and it would all be seen as a legend, not abandonment), and come to me and
live in my extremely quiet love nest. Aargh! Their touching parting didn't
touch me at all; hurry up! and get on with it already! were my reactions. I
think Tor deserves much more than second place or a close tie in Aerin's
heart, and she is emotionally cheating him, whether he knows it or not. I
suppose it is Aerin's treatment of the situation that really bothered me,
but since I like her so much I have to divert my anger to a suitable target,
such as Luthe, who otherwise is very empty for me. My hope has always been,
unlike many other listmembers, that Aerin died when most mortals die,
instead of hanging around in some kind of half-life with Luthe. I do not
believe that she is alive during the blue sword, but is perhaps able to send
forth visions to Harry from the after-life (whatever it is). Or maybe the
visions are simply a product of history- the events happened, so are part of
some magical consciousness that can be accessed through kelar. Anyway, the
reason I have always liked the Blue Sword better than the Hero and the Crown
is partly (or perhaps mainly) because of the Luthe plot-line; love triangles
leave me cold. Does anyone else feel this way? And for those who don't,
what is so attractive about Luthe? Because I don't see it, or perhaps it is
more that what is supposed to be attractive in him doesn't attract me at
     -Katie (much satisfied by my rant, since I have felt this frustration
for years, ever since I first read the book)
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