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Karen, if you ever decide to publish your fairytale novella, will you please
email me and give me some publishing tips!?:) anyone else who wants to talk
about writing or publishing please feel free to email me personally, too. (i
wrote a young adult fantasy fiction novel for a scholarship project last
summer but am too scared to try getting it published yet -- creative writing
is easy compared to writing a decent cover letter, at least for me!)

also, this might only apply to Carolyn, but just on the off chance that there
are more current or future william and mary students lurking on this list,
i'm a student at william and mary, too, and i have to say that if you like
the authors discussed on this list, you MUST take prof. john conlee's
arthurian literature class as well as his celtic literature class! (in his
classes you have the option of writing papers about _the mists of avalon_,
pamela dean's _tam lin_, etc...) actually, i've talked with some other
students in prof. conlee's classes and we're thinking of forming a
fantasy/sci-fi book club at william and mary - the reason i mention it on
this list is b/c it would be open to anyone who lives close by (hampton
roads, newport news, etc.), not just to students, and i know there are at
least one or two more folks from that general area on this list. anyway,
sorry if this doesn't apply to you, but if you want more details just email
me individually.

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