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"whizbang" <> wrote:
>Read one of Tamora Pierce's and wasn't interested enough to finish the

I started the ones about Alanna, but decided I didn't care for her or the
writing style (they were her first books). I read and bought the Immortals
series because I liked Numair and wanted to see how he and Daine got
together...yes, yes, I'm a romantic sap!

>Has anyone read anything by Garth Nix? (please say yes!) He is probably >my
favorite author next to McKinley, and the first one I've ever come >across to
even come close to her.

Oh-I love Nix-Sabriel is wonderful. I also read his Shade's Children. More
of a s/f, post-apocalypse type story, a little disturbing and great reading in
a different way. Didn't attempt his Ragwitch.

>And Sherwood Smith wrote a pair of books called "Crown Duel" and "Court
>Duel" which I also liked. Actually, I was sort of luke-warm on these >books
while reading them, but they really lingered in my mind, and I >decided that I
liked them. Has anyone else read them, and what'd you >think?
>Well, two postings in one day is plenty I think.
>-Sarah (who knows she shouldn't be up this late at night).

I thought these were OK. Don't think I would read them again. I faintly
recall them being just a bit too predictable and slow-moving.

I didn't like Tepper's Beauty either--too much negative harsh realism. I read
some of her other books: Grass and A Plague of Angels. I like her books and I
hate them--there is always Some Horrible Mysterious Thing that pulls you into
the story. Can;t help but finish, though all of her books I have read have
been slightly disturbing and very bleak. Not really cheering. I put off
reading Ender's Game for years and years because I thought it was too s/f for
me, finallly did last year and I adore it. A younger book along the same
lines is Rubenstein's Galax-Arena, which I read before Ender. Gives you

I hope these are the right topics to which I am replying; I am on the Diana
Wynne JOnes list also and the discussions often overlap. SO if this is all
news to you, just smile and nod!

A Different Sarah (I'm from Oregon) who also needs to sleep so she can go to
work tomorrow! Uck.

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