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From: Katherine Hartsough <>
Date: Fri Aug 06 1999 - 18:01:41 PDT

  I loved "The Ordinary Princess"! I think I read it last several years
ago, but that was probably my second or third reading. Is it really written
by M.M. Kaye? She's also written several mystery novels, but they
disappointed me because her female characters are too dependant on the male
hero, who say say obnoxious things to them like they're idiots or stupid.
If that's a loving manner, then I'll have none of it! But the Princess book
wasn't like that, and the heroine wasn't a ditz, so I definitely recommend
it. I'm trying to get my hands on a copy of Farjeon's "The Glass Slipper",
which I've heard is good, but it's checked out at my library. I'd also
recommend Elizabeth Marie Pope as a childrens' author who writes somewhat
fairy tale-ish stories. My only complaint is that now that I'm older, some
of the children's stories have less power to interest me. I find that, when
re-reading some of the books I loved, I wish for more character depth and
such. However, the best childrens' authors remain compelling to me even
now. To add a remark about Patricia C. Wrede, I've found that her writing
seems more immature to me now, but that may be because I like her newer
novels less, such as Magician's Ward and the Raven's Ring. I think that if
I were to re-read her Dragons series, I would really enjoy it.

>From: Danielle <>
>Subject: Re: McKinley: All sorts of things...
>Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 16:20:52 -0700 (PDT)
>"Beauty" is by far my least favorite Tepper book.
> "Grass" is a lot better, and I also liked "A
>Plague of Angels" - they're not the _nicest_
>books out there, but they're not horrible
>(pointless, idiotic, poorly done?), as I found
>"Beauty" to be. Yes, if you look hard enough
>there's a 'message' in all of 'em, but I swear
>they aren't all as obnoxious as "Beauty" about
>it. Oh yeah - and "The Gate to Women's Country"
>is kind of a classic. That one's message is
>quite apparent, but it does more of making you
>think about it for yourself than trying to conk
>you over the head (the way I thought "Handmaid's
>Tale" did - oh, I won't even get started, that
>would be WAY too offtopic).
>I read Hambly's series about a mercenary dude who
>turns out to be a wizard or something, a long
>time ago. (great sentence there, huh? :P) The
>first one was really good - "The Ladies of
>Mandrigyn," I think... I read two or three of the
>sequels. I haven't gotten to anything else by
>her, sorry, but I promise she can be found in the
>states :).
>Tamora Pierce has yet another quartet coming; the
>first one is out, about a girl knight in Tortall
>again (oh, but a _different_ one!... geez).
>Wow, Garth Nix - I just read "Sabriel" for the
>millionth time or so, last week. That is a great
>book. (What happened NEXT??!?! arrrrgh - I've
>made up my own versions, but I want to read his!)
>Wasn't Kara Dalkey one of the Fairy Tale series
>(er, Scribblie project) authors? "The
>Nightingale" -
>Okay, here's another 'you have to read it!!!' for
>"Ender's Game." It was one of my favorite books
>when I was little, and I still love it. I like
>the note he stuck before the new edition, but
>don't read that before you read the actual book.
>Hey, I just remembered one of my other favorite
>books when I was little - "The Ordinary
>Princess," by M.M. Kaye. It's out of print, but
>there are lots of copies around... I love the
>illustrated hardcover. The story is pretty
>awesome, too, all you lovers of 'girls who do
>things.' She doesn't exactly go out and kill
>dragons, but she's not a layabout, delicate
>little blond angel of a princess, certainly.
>Enough from me. Goodnight!
>Danielle :)
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