McKinley: Re: stevermer, darkangel series

From: Katherine Hartsough <>
Date: Fri Aug 06 1999 - 17:19:00 PDT

I like _College of Magics_ too. I wondered what happened to Stevermer
(sp?) There are only two/three other books by her that I know of.

Finally, has anyone mentioned Meredith Pierce's _Darkangel_ series? I read
in an interview with her that the series is not finished, even though the
last book came out a while ago. Something else for me to look forward
to.... =)

     I liked Stevermer a lot as well, but I've never seen any other books by
her, either in the library, or in bookstores. I guess I should check out
     Anyway, I have read the Darkangel series. I liked it, but what I
thought was the ending rather disappointed me. I suppose I prefer endings
where the characters are happy, but who doesn't? To me, it seemed like the
series was ended that way just to give it more importance, because it is
easier to make a novel seem serious if it ends sadly. In my opinion, it is
more difficult to write a good happy ending than a sad one. It is easy to
dumb down happiness and make it corny. However, it does make sense that
there should be another book in the works, since the last one seemed to lack
closure, or whatever you want to call it. But from what I can tell, the
last one has been done for a long time.

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