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"Beauty" is by far my least favorite Tepper book.
 "Grass" is a lot better, and I also liked "A
Plague of Angels" - they're not the _nicest_
books out there, but they're not horrible
(pointless, idiotic, poorly done?), as I found
"Beauty" to be. Yes, if you look hard enough
there's a 'message' in all of 'em, but I swear
they aren't all as obnoxious as "Beauty" about
it. Oh yeah - and "The Gate to Women's Country"
is kind of a classic. That one's message is
quite apparent, but it does more of making you
think about it for yourself than trying to conk
you over the head (the way I thought "Handmaid's
Tale" did - oh, I won't even get started, that
would be WAY too offtopic).
I read Hambly's series about a mercenary dude who
turns out to be a wizard or something, a long
time ago. (great sentence there, huh? :P) The
first one was really good - "The Ladies of
Mandrigyn," I think... I read two or three of the
sequels. I haven't gotten to anything else by
her, sorry, but I promise she can be found in the
states :).
Tamora Pierce has yet another quartet coming; the
first one is out, about a girl knight in Tortall
again (oh, but a _different_ one!... geez).
Wow, Garth Nix - I just read "Sabriel" for the
millionth time or so, last week. That is a great
book. (What happened NEXT??!?! arrrrgh - I've
made up my own versions, but I want to read his!)
Wasn't Kara Dalkey one of the Fairy Tale series
(er, Scribblie project) authors? "The
Nightingale" -
Okay, here's another 'you have to read it!!!' for
"Ender's Game." It was one of my favorite books
when I was little, and I still love it. I like
the note he stuck before the new edition, but
don't read that before you read the actual book.
Hey, I just remembered one of my other favorite
books when I was little - "The Ordinary
Princess," by M.M. Kaye. It's out of print, but
there are lots of copies around... I love the
illustrated hardcover. The story is pretty
awesome, too, all you lovers of 'girls who do
things.' She doesn't exactly go out and kill
dragons, but she's not a layabout, delicate
little blond angel of a princess, certainly.
Enough from me. Goodnight!
Danielle :)
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