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Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 22:11:09 PDT

> Anyway, I have read the Darkangel series. I liked it, but what I
>thought was the ending rather disappointed me. I suppose I prefer endings
>where the characters are happy, but who doesn't? To me, it seemed like the
>series was ended that way just to give it more importance, because it is
>easier to make a novel seem serious if it ends sadly. In my opinion, it is
>more difficult to write a good happy ending than a sad one. It is easy to
>dumb down happiness and make it corny. However, it does make sense that
>there should be another book in the works, since the last one seemed to
>closure, or whatever you want to call it. But from what I can tell, the
>last one has been done for a long time.

yes, i know. actually i read about Pierce planning a sequel in the same
book that sarah talked about--_presenting young adult fantasy_. (PYAF, if
i remember correctly, was fairly recent, so the information should still be
good.) what pierce herself said about the ending was something like,
"Anyone who thinks that ending was satisfying is nuts." (And I thought it
was just me! =) I like a certain amount of angst in my fantasy
novels--hence my total fascination with Michelle West's series-- but not
_too_ much. Although I remember I didn't dislike the ending when I read it
because I actually thought it was kind of hopeful--i.e. sequel seems
likely. After so long, though, I was glad to read a confirmation of that
in PYAF.) I think Pierce said something about focusing on Irrylath in the
sequel, and that Aeriel has to learn that there are problems with
sacrificing oneself to duty. Pierce's _The Woman Who Loved Reindeer_ was
excellent too. (It's a stand-alone.)

I also liked Sabriel a lot. And the cover art was wonderful. (She looked
exactly as I imagined her--down to the blue surcoat with tiny keys on
them.) I like Sherwood Smith's Crown and Court duet too. (_Crown Duel_
has a pretty nice cover--not as great as Sabriel's, but very nice.) I had
exactly the same feeling as the first person who mentioned her (sorry i
can't remember who it was)--i didn't think it was so great when i was
reading it. on the other hand, when _Court Duel_ came out I bought it in
hardcover. Weird, especially when I can count the number of hardcovers i
have on one hand.

About Card: I liked Ender's Game, though the sequels not as much. And I
have to confess that I really liked _Hart's Hope_. (I have to agree that
parts of it were brutal, which I didn't like as much.) Actually that book
and _The Songbird_ were my favorites by Card.

Finally, has anyone read Pope's _Perilous Garde_? I really liked that one
as well. Another girl who does things as the main character. (It's a take
on Tam Lin.)


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