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Date: Mon Aug 02 1999 - 09:10:58 PDT

oh, yeah, i forgot to give more details on the "good conversations: a talk
with robin mckinley" video: well, it's only 20 min. long, but definitely
worth buying. in the video you get to see robin, her whippets, her horse, the
outside of her home in england and the surrounding countryside (unfortunately
her rose bushes were not in bloom at the time of filming, and peter doesn't
make a cameo appearance as i'd hoped he might, but it's still a great video!)
    "robin mckinley discusses her writing style, her love of rock and roll
and her hopes for the future at her home in Bramdean, England. she also
talks about her pet whippets and takes the viewer along for a travelogue of
Hampshire, England," reads the blurb on the back of the video, and i guess
that's about as adequate a summary as i could give. if anyone wants me to
make a transcript of the video and post it here, just let me know. or would
that be violating too many copyright laws?:( i don't think posting a
transcript would discourage people from seeing/buying the video, since just
reading a script does not compare to actually seeing the film itself... as i
said before, if several(or less/more) of y'all ever want to come to virginia
and see the video and have a mini-convention for robin-fans, just let me know!
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