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I've read "The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars" by Steven Brust, and definitely
agree that it reads much better as a novel than a fairy tale. I loved it as
a story, the writing style is definitely intreaguing, but I had a hard time
reconciling the 'modern' bits with the fairy-tale chapters that were
interspersed. Of course, I'm really not familiar with the story, which was
probably also a factor. If someone can suggest a good, fairly
straightforward version of it that I would have a chance of locating without
too much trouble, I'd appreciate that greatly. Also, has anyone else read
Brust's "Agyar"? at least, I'm pretty sure that's the name. I read it a
while ago, and while it struck me as very strange indeed, it was also sort of
fascinating. Anyways, I believe that somewhere during the course of reading
it I decided that the main character was a vampire. Don't remember why,
now. The mention just brought that to mind, and I'm curious as to what
other people might have thought about it.


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