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> probably also a factor. If someone can suggest a good, fairly
> straightforward version of it that I would have a chance of locating without
> too much trouble, I'd appreciate that greatly. Also, has anyone else read

I suspect the telling in section 5 of each chapter contains a fairly straight
translation of the original Hungarian fairy tale. It's just weird.

What I just read yesterday... very early this morning... was Pamela Dean's
_Juniper, Genitan, and Rosemary_. I loved _Tam Lin_. I loved this one too.
Not surprising; it follows the same format of following the thoughts and
conversation real world intellectuals who think and talk all the time, with
some mystical elements thrown in.

Of course, it leaves me wondering why I never seem to actually meet women like
Jame or Erin.

> Brust's "Agyar"? at least, I'm pretty sure that's the name. I read it a

Yep. I like it a lot.

Spoilers ho:

> while ago, and while it struck me as very strange indeed, it was also sort of
> fascinating. Anyways, I believe that somewhere during the course of reading
> it I decided that the main character was a vampire. Don't remember why,

Jack Agyar is a vampire. Brust wrote a vampire novel in which the word
"vampire", or any synonym, does not appear. No doubt he was giggling himself
to the floor. Jack never goes into the sunlight, and his "partners" become
anemic, and he is very strong, and immortal, and controls the mist, and fits
into a mystical dominance hierarchy, and a gypsy witch (source Transylvania)
knows all about him.

The real question is: what is his friend, Tricia or whatever her name is? We
never see her, but he mentions her, and she's supposed to be _really_ bad. No
clues really; common thought seems to be that she's a werewolf, but I think
that's just a standard wild guess. A ghoul?

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