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Okay had to ask...I have to give my opinion on this (in the
interest of space, I'm confining this to what I would call the "classical"
book illustrators--the ones I think this group would be most interested in.)
Check out some of these people:

Great Contemporary Book Illustrators
Victor Ambrus
A personal favorite, a little known British Illustrator with some 200 books
to his credit. (Few available in the states though) drawing-wise, he's one
of the best half-dozen working in the field today. His color work is not
that big a deal, but he's a fantastic draftsman. Look for his retold
classics...El Cid, Moby Dick, etc. I couldn't find any pages with good
pictures, but I'm sure he's all over (their site was down)

Barry Moser
his new fully illustrated Bible is going to be spectacular, the first fully
illustrated Bible printed this century. The current one is a $10,000 a copy
"bibliophiles version" (hand-printed, bound, etc.) but a trade edition is in
the works. I'm not religious and I'M going to buy a copy...his B+W work is
superb. This is the general site for the Bible This page gives a quick view of
one of the spreads.

Rien Poortvliet
Actually, this guy just passed away a couple years ago, but he's REALLY known for illustrating the "Gnomes" book from the 70's, check
out the gallery below, it will surprise you.

Great Book Illustrators from the past
Susan Jeffers, Trina Schart Hyman, and all the other illustrators owe a lot
to all of these guys:

Howard Pyle
Writer and illustrator of some of the Robin Hood stories at the turn of the
century, Parrish, Wyeth, and many others were his students. (couldn't find
a good link)

Maxfield Parrish
If you don't know his just didn't realize he did it! a great list of dozens of his images direct link to an
image direct link to one
of his famous images...(it was ripped off for the Nestles commercial a few
years ago.)

Arthur Rackham
Classic British illustrator. If you like Trina's work, you'll like Rackham.

Gustav Dore
19th century illustrator. Random factoid: One of Vincent Van Gogh's
favorite artists.

Edmund Dulac
A link to a bad piece by him, but keep an eye out. British 19th-20th

N.C. Wyeth
See Parrish... :) Father of Andrew Wyeth

Whew! That's enough for one post!


John Clapp

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>years ago, with beautiful illustrations for several fairy tales, but I had
>forgotten the illustrator's name. It must be Susan Jeffers, because some
>the pictures were from "the Wild Swans" (another fairy tale I love), and I
>remember that the style was similar to that of those in Black Beauty.
>Speaking of illustrators, my all time favorite is Trina Schart Hyman, who
>has done many fairy tales, including Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and
>several others. If no one has come across her yet, you must check her out!
>Her illustrations are hauntingly beautiful, and always create an atmosphere
>of mystery and magic. Libraries usually carry several of the books, in the
>non-fiction children's section. If you want to look them up, some of the
>books are authored by her, others by Margaret Hodges, Barbara Rogasky, and
> -Katie
>P.S. I love the illustration aspect of stories, and if anyone has any other
>illustrators they'd like to recommend, feel free!

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