McKinley: riddles/mazes/labyrinthes

From: <>
Date: Fri Jul 16 1999 - 18:57:47 PDT

sorry if i've asked this before - i know i keep repeating myself on this
mailing list, but i'm having a crazy, stressed out summer, so anyway...

can anyone recommend a good book of riddles - i mean good, old-fashioned
riddles like the ones in _the hobbit_ - i.e., riddles with "timeless"
answers, not 20th century answers like "sky-scraper" or "president clinton,"

also, are there any good books/movies involving mazes/labyrinthes, besides
the movie "labyrinth," or _the name of the rose_, or all those borges(sp?)
short stories? (i think i remember one cartoon version of "beauty and the
beast" that involved a maze, too...)
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