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years ago, with beautiful illustrations for several fairy tales, but I had
forgotten the illustrator's name. It must be Susan Jeffers, because some of
the pictures were from "the Wild Swans" (another fairy tale I love), and I
remember that the style was similar to that of those in Black Beauty.
Speaking of illustrators, my all time favorite is Trina Schart Hyman, who
has done many fairy tales, including Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and
several others. If no one has come across her yet, you must check her out!
Her illustrations are hauntingly beautiful, and always create an atmosphere
of mystery and magic. Libraries usually carry several of the books, in the
non-fiction children's section. If you want to look them up, some of the
books are authored by her, others by Margaret Hodges, Barbara Rogasky, and
P.S. I love the illustration aspect of stories, and if anyone has any other
illustrators they'd like to recommend, feel free!

>Subject: Re: Re: McKinley: riddles/mazes/labyrinths
>Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 17:52:10 EDT
>wow! thanks for answering my questions so fast and so thoroughly,
>yes, i have read mercer mayer's version of "east of the sun, west of the
>moon," and love it even more than the original telling. mercer mayer and
>susan jeffers are my two favorite illustrators (mayer and his wife? sister?
>did an amazing rendition of "beauty and the beast," as everyone here
>knows, and jeffers did the illustrations for robin's version of "black
>beauty") - for anyone else who's interested, susan jeffers did the
>illustrations for the childrens-book versions of "the wild swans" as well
>"the snow queen," which are how i was introduced to the stories, years
>ago...jeffers illustrations in both versions are amazing
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