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Sorry to contradict you, but Salvador Dali did an illustrated bible in the


John Clapp wrote:

> Okay had to ask...I have to give my opinion on this (in the
> interest of space, I'm confining this to what I would call the "classical"
> book illustrators--the ones I think this group would be most interested in.)
> Check out some of these people:
> Great Contemporary Book Illustrators
> Victor Ambrus
> A personal favorite, a little known British Illustrator with some 200 books
> to his credit. (Few available in the states though) drawing-wise, he's one
> of the best half-dozen working in the field today. His color work is not
> that big a deal, but he's a fantastic draftsman. Look for his retold
> classics...El Cid, Moby Dick, etc. I couldn't find any pages with good
> pictures, but I'm sure he's all over (their site was down)
> Barry Moser
> his new fully illustrated Bible is going to be spectacular, the first fully
> illustrated Bible printed this century. The current one is a $10,000 a copy
> "bibliophiles version" (hand-printed, bound, etc.) but a trade edition is in
> the works. I'm not religious and I'M going to buy a copy...his B+W work is
> superb.
> This is the general site for the Bible
> This page gives a quick view of
> one of the spreads.
> Rien Poortvliet
> Actually, this guy just passed away a couple years ago, but he's REALLY
> known for illustrating the "Gnomes" book from the 70's, check
> out the gallery below, it will surprise you.
> Great Book Illustrators from the past
> Susan Jeffers, Trina Schart Hyman, and all the other illustrators owe a lot
> to all of these guys:
> Howard Pyle
> Writer and illustrator of some of the Robin Hood stories at the turn of the
> century, Parrish, Wyeth, and many others were his students. (couldn't find
> a good link)
> Maxfield Parrish
> If you don't know his just didn't realize he did it!
> a great list of dozens of his images
> direct link to an
> image
> direct link to one
> of his famous images...(it was ripped off for the Nestles commercial a few
> years ago.)
> Arthur Rackham
> Classic British illustrator. If you like Trina's work, you'll like Rackham.
> Gustav Dore
> 19th century illustrator. Random factoid: One of Vincent Van Gogh's
> favorite artists.
> Edmund Dulac
> A link to a bad piece by him, but keep an eye out. British 19th-20th
> century
> N.C. Wyeth
> See Parrish... :) Father of Andrew Wyeth
> Whew! That's enough for one post!
> Best,
> John Clapp
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> >years ago, with beautiful illustrations for several fairy tales, but I had
> >forgotten the illustrator's name. It must be Susan Jeffers, because some
> of
> >the pictures were from "the Wild Swans" (another fairy tale I love), and I
> >remember that the style was similar to that of those in Black Beauty.
> >Speaking of illustrators, my all time favorite is Trina Schart Hyman, who
> >has done many fairy tales, including Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and
> >several others. If no one has come across her yet, you must check her out!
> >Her illustrations are hauntingly beautiful, and always create an atmosphere
> >of mystery and magic. Libraries usually carry several of the books, in the
> >non-fiction children's section. If you want to look them up, some of the
> >books are authored by her, others by Margaret Hodges, Barbara Rogasky, and
> >others.
> > -Katie
> >P.S. I love the illustration aspect of stories, and if anyone has any other
> >illustrators they'd like to recommend, feel free!
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