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From: Eli Grantaire <>
Date: Sat Jul 17 1999 - 06:01:57 PDT

>can anyone recommend a good book of riddles - i mean good, old-fashioned
>riddles like the ones in _the hobbit_ - i.e., riddles with "timeless"
>answers, not 20th century answers like "sky-scraper" or "president

I can't think of any books . . . have you tried the internet?
There are a couple of riddle pages on the net, though not all of the riddles
listed are "timeless". Those that are tend to be buried deep in the lists.
There's even a page in Chinese, which is a totally pointless reference
unless you can read Chinese. : ) Oh! and don't forget some of the riddles
that came up in "Life is Beautiful" : )

>also, are there any good books/movies involving mazes/labyrinthes, besides
>the movie "labyrinth," or _the name of the rose_, or all those borges(sp?)
>short stories? (i think i remember one cartoon version of "beauty and the
>beast" that involved a maze, too...)

You could try looking at some unicorn legends. There's a short story in the
Bruce Coville's "Unicorn Treasury" (least I think that's the title) by Megan
Lindholm about a Unicorn caught and placed at the end of a maze. I believe
it's supposed to be a common theme in some unicorn tales. But that's about
as far as my meager store of general knowledge takes me. : P Hmmm . . .
isn't there also a maze or two in Alice in Wonderland?


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